Our Honeymoon Plans

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Yes I know I’m a book blogger and talking about my long awaited honeymoon doesn’t even come close to being book related BUT I’m too excited to keep it bottled in for much longer. I have to talk about it – our honeymoon plans, I just have too, so if you’re looking for something bookish, come back next week. If you wanna hear about the wondrous things I have planned then stick around because you’re mind is about to be blown!

Well, we got married in August in a really small intimate affair which was really lovely. It was everything we wanted and I still gush thinking about it.

Instead of presents, we asked people to contribute to our honeymoon in the form of either giftcards or cash, and people were super happy to oblige. It was a lovely feeling, and we were so grateful. So fastforward to September and we started looking at holidays – we wanted to go September 2017 – but for some reason, Dublin don’t release their flights until like 11 months before, so we waited and waited. Then the worst thing that could have happened, happened. Declan’s dad who had been ill, was told there was nothing more that could be done and things were deteriorating. We were devastated. We put our honeymoon plans for a wonderful holiday and focused on keeping everything going.

Fast forward to the end of January when we cautiously head into the travel agents to take a quick look at what they have available, knowing that our honeymoon plans would have to change drastically. September 2017 was no longer an option, but April 2018 was looking good but it would mean more waiting and I was already so impatient.

Well as it turns out they had put their Florida 2018 holidays on sale early and the dates we were looking at going were ready to go. But we had to fly from Manchester which then lead to even more discussion but we took the plunge! So I can officially say it – I’M GOING TO DISNEY IN APRIL NEXT YEAR!!

Yes I know we’re adults but it’s FREAKING DISNEY.

I have never been more excited for anything in my entire life!! The plan?? We fly out on a Saturday and come back on a Sunday after 14 magical nights in the happiest place on earth. We’re not staying at a Disney Resort because when we looked at the added cost we realised it was probably easier to stay on International Drive. Plus the hubby is way more excited about Universal than the others. So this way we’re right in the middle with the free transport anyway!

And an added extra is that there’s a huge amount of foodie places all around, I mean I’m drooling already.

I suppose the thing I’m most excited for though, would be Harry Potter World. I mean come on, my geek will be completely on show and I’ll just wanna jump up and down and squeal. But that’s alright, right? I mean this is a once in a lifetime thing!!

If you’ve been – give me all your wonderful tips of where to and where to eat in the comments below. I WANNA KNOW EVERYTHING.

5 responses to “Our Honeymoon Plans

  1. Have a wonderful time! I haven’t been to Disney World since I was seven (thirty years ago) and I live within a day’s drive of Orlando! My kids want to go now, so we’re making plans to save up some money. Congratulations on your marriage and have a great honeymoon.

    • thebookbloglife

      It’s been a long time since I was there too! I’m so excited to go back!! It’s so freaking expensive though, geez if it wasn’t for the contribuitions we wouldn’t be going at all!! Thanks for the well wishes! I might see you there!