2017 Goodreads Challenge

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I love Goodreads, I love keeping a track of the books I’m currently reading and how many books I’m getting through in the year. Plus a huge draw for me is the 2017 Goodreads Challenge. It’s something I have done for a good many years now and really enjoy. I always aim high and try to challenge myself. It makes reading fun and more exciting.

I should start really by giving you an insight into how last year went, I started the year off with an aim of 100 books, and I thought it was doable, it had been in previous years. I started off strong, and way ahead of where I needed to be, I felt WONDERFUL. But slowly and surely life began to creep, I was working full time, blogging and we were getting a dog, the pressure was getting a little too much. The breaking point was where I was convincing myself not to read certain books because of how long they were. I felt awful. Reading wasn’t fun anymore, in fact it had become the monster under the bed, hiding there and waiting to drag me down into the darkness. My reading slowed which made the feeling worse and I finally took a step back. What was I getting so worked up about? It was a silly challenge that didn’t earn me anything, it was something for personal enjoyment. Then it came to me, I didn’t want to fail, I didn’t want to fail at reading, something I was so good at, I didn’t want that to be taken away and tarnished

Enough of the dramatics, I decided to lower my number from 100 to 70 and made sure that I was able to read all the books I wanted regardless of length. I had such a good reading year, I finally finished the entire Game of Thrones Series, started the Mistborn and read so many other great books. It was like a block had been removed from my chest. I started and ended the year on a high. Something I want to achieve in the 2017 Goodreads Challenge.

In terms of my 2017 Goodreads Challenge, I’ve taken the same approach as last year. I’ve risen the number from 70 to 80 to keep it a challenge, but it’s not 100. It’s a nice doable number and one that I hope to reach. I have big plans for this years reading which you can read all about here. I’m really exicted to dive into my 2017 Goodreads Challenge, it should be an interesting year to say the least!

Let me know if you’re taking part in the 2017 Goodreads Challenge, and how many books you want to read throughout the year! I’m dying to know! Plus go buddy up with me on my Goodreads – link’s here!

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