My NaNoWriMo Draft | Blogmas Day 8

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I finished November and NaNoWriMo with a half completed NaNoWriMo draft and a whole load of editing to do. Having to not only finish a story but then go back and edit all the parts that you hate out of it. That is completely overwhelming. In fact it’s so easy to lose sight of everything you had planned for the story and the characters. It makes me a little queasy to think that I have worked so hard on this book and it’s still not done. Plus I don’t even want to think about how much editing needs to go into making this a half decent book.

So I thought I would take some time out from panicking and talk about what I want to get from the end of it all. I think it’ll be nice to think about what I want to get from all this work so I’ll get down to it.

Why put myself through the torture of writing?

Number one:

Would have to be the obvious, I want to get published. I think it’s the validation, I’m not one of those who can write just for the fun of it. I know it is a complete long shot for me to get published or even make money from what I’m writing. But I have to work towards something. If the dream of becoming the next J K Rowling is what keeps me from giving up on my novel then I will keep dreaming. Ridiculous or not.

Number two:

I love storytelling. Coming up with different characters and creating a world where they can grow as people and become something amazing. I love creating villains with complicated storylines and backgrounds. It feels amazing to have that control. Also to feel that attachment to something that you and only you have created. They are all yours.

Number three:

The accomplishment that I feel knowing that I have completed an entire novel and have something to work with, regardless of the quality. I just think no matter how awful it is, inevitably you have something to work with. It should be something to be acknowledged and appreciated.

What I plan to do with my NaNoWriMo draft:

Finish it

That’s right even after writing for the entire month of November I still have more story to write. I thought I was done by the time I got to 25000 words. But the world carried on building and the characters began to take on a life of their own. It’s one of those, the thought of trying to complete the story is so daunting it makes me want to hide the manuscript and never see it again.


This is a huge one. I love the idea of my novel. I really enjoyed writing it and growing the characters, but god is there some gaping plot holes. Plus not only that but sometimes the writing is awful and definitely needs improvements. I plan to spend January editing all the rubbish out of it. Plus building on the foundations I built in November.

I think the first thing I want to do is lay out all the different plot points and see if the order they’re currently in works. If not reaarange the bits that don’t. I work in quite a visual way so this will proabably be the best thing for me to do before I throw myself head first into the story again. Then who knows where I will go from there, I’ll keep you updated.

Did you do NaNoWrimo? Or have a huge writing project that needs work or finishing? What are your plans with it? Let me know down in the comments I would love to know what you’re doing!

5 responses to “My NaNoWriMo Draft | Blogmas Day 8

    • thebookbloglife

      Congratulations on the 50k! Feels good doesn’t it?

      Yeah, I’ve hit a block. I’m going to take some time away and focus on other things and then hit January running and hopefully I’ll have a finished draft by February that is open for editing.

    • thebookbloglife

      Oh yeah. The editing is the worst part for me. The self doubt is a nightmare. Writing is hard but the editing breaks me. Hopefully I’ve got a good thing here and I’ll be able to hold out til the end!
      Good luck in your writing endeavours! X