The Dreaded Ebook/Kindle and Book debate | Blogmas Day 10

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This is a debate that has spanned the ages. To Kindle or to stay faithful to the paper. Now I don’t care which one you use, like or hate. Reading in any form is a brilliant hobby and one that should be encouraged no matter which way you partake. BUT I like to present a balanced argument for the one that I like the best. AND no you won’t find out, until right at the very end.


We will give the newcomer their chance to fight their corner before taking on the oldie in the other.


I have to say I find my Kindle to be so useful and now I have the Paperwhite version, it’s super useful for when the bus is dark or I want to fall asleep reading without having to worry about turning the lights off and faffing with all of that. I love the feature, plus the light isn’t bright enough to irritate the eyes either. Total plus for the night owl.

Weight and size. Oh my this is a huge one. I’m currently reading A Dance of Dragons: Part 1 and it’s a nightmare to read with. I have a repetitive injury in my wrist that can flare up at any moment so reading with my Kindle is oh so preferable than trying to wrangle with a huge hardback or paperback.

Storage. I rent a decent sized flat and still struggle to find places for all of my books. It’s a nightmare. BUT the Kindle offers the perfect solution to this. Oh yes, a thousand books in one place? And being able to fit them all in my bag at once, be still my beating heart. You definitely win this one, Kindle. Good job.


Oh yes, there are cons. This Kindle isn’t quite as perfect as it wants you to think. Battery life being one of its flaws. Oh I know the majority have months of battery life, and that’s great, BUT not when it slips your mind that you haven’t charged it and you take it out of your bag and BAM no charge = no books. Then you have an awkward bus ride with no book. Worst ever!

Breakability. Yes I know they are fairly robust. BUT they do break, in fact I have had to send two Kindles back to Amazon because of faults in both. They were super nice about it, but it does remind you that there is a chance that you might have to end up replacing a broken piece of equipment, which sucks and can be expensive.

Price. Talking about expensive, they can be expensive pieces of kit. Especially if you want the newest model. However you do have to weigh this up with the fact that e-books are usually cheaper than their paperback counterparts.

Physical books

The books that have been around for donkey’s years. The books that lined our walls before there were every things like e-readers. The books that have held our hands.

On with the pros.


The look, smell and feel. I don’t know what it is with physical books, but they capture you in a way that ebooks don’t seem to. I think picking a book up and feeling the weight and how many pages you have left is a really personal experience. I can’t even describe it.

Buying process. Is there anything better than walking through a bookstore and picking a book out from the shelf? I don’t think so. In fact I avoid buying books off Amazon purely because I don’t get the same level of enjoyment out of buying them.


I think that ebooks were created for the main reason of combatting the problems caused by physical books, so just look at the pros of ereaders above for a clue.

Waterproofing. I can’t tell you how many times a book has slipped in the bath, or I or the dog have accidently spilt something all over one. All I want is a waterproof book.

Price. Dude, can we talk about how expensive books are please? My broke bank account doesn’t have time or the money for that. I love books, my bookshelves are almost full to bursting. BUT damn, I would love cheaper books.

I’m going to leave that here, before it turns into a massive rant without an end. I have to say I prefer reading a physical book, but I love carrying my kindle and reading that on the go. TOTAL COP OUT. I know but you can forgive me right? Stop shaming people, and let me read the way they want to! ;P

Let me know what you prefer reading with/on!

Which do you prefer to read with and why? Would you give up one to read exclusively on one of them?

3 responses to “The Dreaded Ebook/Kindle and Book debate | Blogmas Day 10

  1. Susie | Novel Visits

    I’m an e-reader fan! I love the instant access to any book and being able to adjust the fonts is great, too! Plus, for traveling, they’re the best.

    • thebookbloglife

      I love my e-reader but I can’t seem to get away from collecting all the pretty books. I think I’m going to start buying the books I want to travel with on my kindle, it would be so much easier!