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Half Bad Trilogy

This is one that I wish wasn’t on here because the first book was wonderful and I really enjoyed the characters and
story. However it went quickly downhill from there. There was very little development and the angst got way too
much for me to handle. The plot didn’t seemed to go anywhere, and the climax was awful. It was poorly done and over too soon. Plus the ending totally threw me off, and made me wish I had never wasted my time reading the series. It was a total let down, and I hated it – definitely on the list of books I regret buying. Reviews here 1 | 2 | 3

John Dies at the End

This book was just plain weird. I can’t even tell you what the point of it was, or where the plot was going. A lot of things happen in this book that makes no sense. I just didn’t enjoy it, my friend who recommended it to me loved it. I think it must be kind of a marmite book, but one I totally regret buying. It was one that I wish I had never put in on my shelf.

Since You’ve Been Gone

I had heard so many great things about this book and author so I picked this book up hoping for the best. To be honest I didn’t even finish it, the writing was awful the characters were superficial and stupid. I couldn’t get into the story and the main character was annoying.


This was one that had so much hype online because it was based off Tumblr and that type of online presence. God it was awful, the main character was supposed to be this self-righteous person who hated everyone else. Basically she was supposed to be a self-proclaimed bitch, and to be honest her unlikeability was awful. Then the ending was awful. Basically a book that was a complete mess and a firm favourite on the list of books I regret buying it.

The Song of Achilles

I didn’t know what to think about this book before I went into it. All I knew was Tumblr was being inundated with fan art for the two main characters. I thought it was going to be this romance that swept me off my feet. Instead I got superficial characters and a romance that wasn’t well developed. I felt nothing and once again the ending left me wanting more. Review here.

The Grisha Trilogy

This was another one that started off really well, but ended horrifically. There was nothing about this series that was interesting or well done. The twists were predictable and the plotline made no sense or have any context. By the end of the story I was beginning to lose the will to live, a series that I completely regret buying. Reviews: 1 | 2 | 3

Love Letters to the Dead

I was promised great things with this book. Letters to dead people sounds fascinating and well worth the read. The pay off not so great to be honest. I actually donated this book because I just didn’t enjoy it and it makes the list of books I regret buying. The characters were superficial and the teenage angst became too much.

The Golem and Djinni

This cover was so pretty and I was totally drawn in, only to find the story boring and uneventful. I struggled so badly with the story and reading it. It never got to the point of why everything was happening. I would have preferred less beautiful writing but more plot points and an actual storyline. Another one of the books I regret buying.

The Selection

The Selection has the worst protagonist ever. She’s ridiculous and stupid and I hated every thought she had. The story line had so many tropes you could barely see the actual story. I could have predicted everything that happened before I read the second chapter. Another book donated, and another one of the books I totally regret buying.

Have you read any of these books? Do you think I’m right in what I’ve said or did you have a different opinion? Let me know in the comments.

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