Bookish Gift Buying Guide | Blogmas Day 6

Posted December 6, 2016 by Jordann @thebookbloglife in blogmas, book thoughts, gift guides / 0 Comments

Struggling with what to buy for your bookworm friends? Well I put together a bookish gift buying guide to help you along the way!

Alice in Wonderland print

I love the Alice in Wonderland illustrations and I know so many of my friends do as well. This quote is one of the best out there and the illustration is really well done. It would be perfect for any book lover’s wall.

Kindle Book Case

Oh you know the snobbery is still alive when it comes down to the whole Kindle and real book debate, well this way you can have both. Or kid yourself into thinking you have a real book whilst reading an e-book. Perfect for those who like both.

Book Lover Friendship Bracelet

What better way to celebrate friendship than through a mutual love of books wrapped round each other’s wrist. I adore this idea, and I would love to treat all of my friends with one of these.

A Map of Fictional London

This one might be a little targeted for those living in or near the UK. But this is pretty cool, it’s an entire map of London but it integrates bookish things as the roads and streets. I wouldn’t mind having one of these to look at you know on my wall.

Book Lunch Box

Who would want to bring their lunch in a normal box when you could bring it with you in a book? I mean it’s perfect isn’t it? Why wouldn’t you do this?

I Read Way Past My Bedtime print

This quote I think sums up any reader’s lifestyle. I can’t even count how many nights I read way past my bedtime. Just another reminder for your wall. You can never have too many reading quotes on your bedroom wall.

Library Card Scarf

It’s super chilly in December, like lose you fingers and nose cold. Well you could buy an ordinary scarf to keep the chill away or you could just make sure every part of your life was book related and get a library card scarf, welcome to the bookish gift buying guy.

Books I Want to Read or Need to Read notebook

I love writing everything down. I’m a total planner geek. In fact there is nothing I love more than to write in a brand new planner so this would be THE perfect gift for someone like me. I know I’m not the only out there!

Grammar Grumble Mug

Who out there isn’t a grammar grumbler? These mugs sum up the worst things that people can say and corrects them. I would love these gracing my shelves next to my plates and bowls.


Invisible Shelf

What self respecting bookworm has enough shelving? No one I know. Well why not gift them the number one premium in a book lovers life… shelving. This invisible shelf is the perfect way of showcasing the books you love.

Will you buy any of these for your friends or family? Let me know if you came across anything else in your googling.