My Last NaNoWriMo Update

NaNoWriMo, writing

I can’t believe it’s my last NaNoWriMo update, it makes me sad to think I’ll have to wait a whole year to participate again. But boy am I glad that it’s over! This month has really been a tough one and I genuinely didn’t know if I was going to make it to the end. […]

30th November 2016

Fallen to Grace Book Review

4 star, book reviews

Azrael’s a wingless angel, and if that wasn’t bad enough, she’s the only one with a functioning conscience. Her bi-color eyes mark her as a moral hybrid, and when she breaks her enslavement to Manor Saffron by making a deal with a demon, she doesn’t expect to become Queen. She’ll have to survive her new […]

29th November 2016

My Third NaNoWriMo Update

NaNoWriMo, writing

I have been so absent for the past week, but here’s my third NaNoWriMo update. I have been desperately trying to catch up as I am falling massively behind. This week my father-in-law died and I have had to spend a lot of my time trying to get my head around everything that has happened. […]

23rd November 2016

Second NaNoWriMo Update

NaNoWriMo, writing

I have hit the halfway mark and it’s kind of bittersweet second NaNoWriMo update. I have written through some awful times this week, and I’m kinda missing having my lunch break to sit and read or just do nothing. My husband is away for this week and I have to say it’s been tough, we […]

16th November 2016

Primogénito: The Fuentes Legacy Book Review


“I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and see him standing at the foot of the bed, staring at me. Some nights I don’t think he sleeps at all.” Ashley Preston has a problem. Her husband Nick has fallen victim to a mysterious illness, alternating between bizarre physical symptoms for which doctors cannot […]

11th November 2016

First NaNoWriMo Update

NaNoWriMo, writing

If you didn’t know I’m partaking in the wonderful torture of National Novel Writing Month. I hadn’t planned to until well into September so it wasn’t a lot of time to start building on idea or even plotting a story. Who doesn’t love a challenge? Well here it my first NaNoWriMo update and I am […]

9th November 2016

My Big Book Haul

book hauls

I can’t believe that I have bought enough book recently to warrant another big book haul. It seems like only a little while ago when I spent all that money in Dublin on books. I think I have a problem – someone send help. Or not because I LOVE a big book haul. Maybe I’m […]

7th November 2016

Broken Bits Book Review

3 star, book reviews

Kit Foster thought a week in the woods would be the perfect way to recover from the family scandal that shattered her world. No reporters, no gossip and no drama. Then a helicopter dumps an injured man in her path. Mick Harris is having a bad day. It was bad enough that he botched an […]

4th November 2016

November TBR

2016, tbr

This is probably going to be blasphemy coming from a book blogger, but reading isn’t going to be my number one priority this month. Yeah, you heard me, reading isn’t my only goal in my November TBR. I’m taking part in NaNoWriMo and I’m so excited, but having to write 1600 odd words each day […]

2nd November 2016