How I Became Mad and Started a Book Blog

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Why would anyone start a book blog? You spend nights awake haunted by everything you have to do or forgot to do. As Cait @PaperFury says you need to grow at least eight arms to keep up with all the social media alone, let alone writing content and reading enough to make a decent amount of reviews. It’s stressful and basically a full time job without the monetary benefits.

So I ask again: Why would anyone want to start a book blog?

Well I thought being a book blogger and all I would put together my lovely thoughts about why I became a book blogger. You know back when I was crazy, and thought it was a good idea.

1. Desperation to talk about books with people who understood.

It got to the point where I was reading all of these books but I was no longer at university surrounded by like minded people to discuss them with. It was almost a shame. My husband isn’t into books so trying to explain why I was in love with a villain was impossible. I just felt like I was missing out. I had so much excitement about the books and nowhere to share it.

So The Book Blog Life was born. A place where I could rant, read and adore my books with other people.

2. My own place on the interweb

You may be looking at the above point and thinking, wait a sec, there’s places all over the internet that you can discuss books, Goodreads being one of the big ones. I know, I know. Believe me it would have been easier for me to be content with the review section of Goodreads. I was introduced to blogging in my first year at university and have played with it on and off since.

I love having somewhere where I own it. It’s all mine to customise, to write about what I want to and when I want to. It’s a sense of achievement in its own right. Or so I think.

3. Inspiration from others

Oh yeah, other book bloggers are to blame for all of this. All of the ones who post links on Twitter, and you know advertise their blog. I fell in love with the world of reviews, and book discussions and I was drawn into the community, firstly as the creepy stalker in the bushes and then boom I jumped out and here I am. A book blog all of my own.

4. I enjoy the challenge

Or so I keep reminding myself. The challenge of keeping a book blog and the motivation alive is so very real. You know what kills reading? Having to take time out of reading to run a book blog. Like nothing sucks the joy out of a book then having to stop reading to write about it.

I’m not saying a book blog is the worst thing for reading, because it isn’t. In fact writing The Book Blog Life has challenged me to keep reading because I have something to read for now. It’s a real nice feeling when you manage to write and publish all your book reviews before your wrap up at the end of the month. Moments like that are what makes it worth it.

5. I love it

I really do, cheesy as it sounds. I adore my blog, I adore reading ranting and reviewing on my book blog. I love being a book blogger. I love the community. I love love love it!So don’t be afraid. The work mountain is huge and scary and overwhelming at times. BUT the rewards are plentiful!


Let me know what made you start blogging or what’s holding you back!

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