Six Months of Rescue Puppy Madness

Posted October 25, 2016 by Jordann @thebookbloglife in not book related, penny the puppy / 0 Comments

We have had our lovely Penny puppy for a whole six months today, which is crazy! I can’t believe how big our little rescue puppy has gotten and how much work she has created for us. Sometimes it’s overwhelming. But with all the work and pain, there is so much joy and love from her that it’s all completely worth it. She has opened up to trust us and be a part of our lives and it makes my heart swell.

More about the monster;

Well she was roughly 16kg when she came home for the first time, now she weighs a whopping 23kg. She’s had her first season, which let me tell you was no walk in the park. God, there was blood and basically a hormonal cow of a dog, it was possibly the worst three weeks of my life and
obviously hers. She then gave us the wondrous experience of false pregnancy, along with the stone collecting and whining of all decibels, thankfully we’re through that and onto Giardia. Oh yeah, the nasty little parasite has burrowed its way in leaving us with a vet bill and an unhappy puppy.

Apart from all the negatives, here are some lovely things. Penny is currently enrolled in trick training and doing so well. We have a huge number of tricks under our belt and she LOVES it (personally I think it’s the food rather than the tricks). We’ve started obedience training to sort out a few little problems we’re having with her walking on a lead and other dogs. Nothing sinister, just wanting to play and then getting scared.

Serious talk

I have to say when we first got Penny the rescue puppy I thought, and seriously that it would be the end of me and Declan. There would be no wedding because this little scruff ball was destroying our relationship. Getting up at 6 in the morning and rushing down the stairs to make sure there wasn’t pee everywhere. Plus having to stay up til 11.30 so she would last til 6 was our own personal nightmare. Me and Declan were at wits end, there was pee everywhere and this puppy who didn’t seem to understand. We’re well past that now, which is a saving grace for our relationship, but it was hard.

I’m not saying it suddenly got easy once she knew where the toilet was, because boy it didn’t. It’s just harder in different ways. She’s stronger and more confident which is wonderful, but it comes with a price. She’s more likely to scavenge for food even though you’ve told her to get her head out of the bin nine times. She likes to jump up at you to say hello, but in the process almost knocks you through the door.

She has her challenges, and her issues, but I wouldn’t change her for the world. Penny the rescue puppy has changed mine and Declan’s lives for the better. We’re broke 99% of the time, but we’re closer. I love my rescue puppy Penny, and I recommend them to everyone!