5 Signs you’re a Bookworm

Posted October 3, 2016 by Jordann @thebookbloglife in book thoughts / 1 Comment

Most people like to read. Why wouldn’t they? It’s an enjoyable past time. It’s relaxing and it has been proven to raise IQs. But there’s a line, the line where reading – the enjoyable past time becomes an obsession. You become a bookworm.

But how to know when you’ve crossed the line into the realms of bookworm mania. Well I compiled a list so that you can self-diagnose.

1. You are found in bookstores more than anywhere else

Buying books isn’t the only reason you go there, you stroke the spines and sigh longingly as you remember your bank balance has already been depleted by your other book purchases this month. You see going to the bookstore as being an exciting prospect even when you don’t have any money. The bookstore will always be your happy place.

2. Your bank account is accounted for.

For at least three months in advance, those new release aren’t going to buy themselves. You budget every penny you get to make sure you have enough to get all the new books. You don’t mind going without all the luxuries in life, you know things like getting your nails done and food.

3. You prefer to read to doing anything else

Making plans around your reading schedule is totally normal. In fact not making plans to make sure you have enough reading time is more than normal, it’s totally acceptable. Reading will always be so much better than social interaction.

4. Your TBR is just a tad overwhelming.

By overwhelming, I mean it feels a little like a tsunami wave that will wash you away one day. I can’t even bring myself to look at my TBR sometimes. I have a recurring nightmare that I’m going to be crushed and suffocated by the weight of my unread books.

5. Books will always be your favourite companion.

This is kinda like the one where you prefer reading to doing anything else, books will always be better company than you know people. You can get completely lost within the world of books, and never feel guilty. A book is always constant.

So there it is. My self-diagnosing list is here. Let me know if you have the wonderful affliction that is being a bookworm in the comments!

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