5 Books That Made Me a Reader of Books

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My childhood was full of books. I was a reader of books from an early age, it was nourished and encouraged. I am so grateful for that. Books were bought when I asked or saw one I wanted, my mum was my biggest fan.

I read A LOT when I was kid, computers weren’t massively prevalent and even when they were they were slow and awkward. Out of the hundreds of books that I must have read when I was younger, there were some that made a huge impact on me and my reading habits.

I’m a big sharer, I thought we could have a wonderful discussion all about the books that made me a reader of books the books that we read when we were younger and how they impacted us today.

1 – Anything by Enid Blyton

I started with books like The Faraway Tree and Noddy. In fact these were books that I share my earliest memories with. I loved the magic, the way the books made me feel. Enid Blyton was a HUGE part of me growing up.

I eventually graduated from Noddy onto Mallory Towers, The Naughtiest Girl in the School and the Secret Seven. These were the first series that I bought and loved. But none was more loved than the Famous Five. Just talking about them makes me want to run to the bookstore and buy them all again. Famous Five was definitely the books that turned me into a massive series reader. I adored the characters and the almost monotony of the story lines. There was something special in Blyton’s writing which has made me the reader I am today.

2 – A Series of Unfortunate Events

This was a series that took the world by storm. It was long, sarcastic and completely frustrating at times. This was the first insight into an unhappy story, and unhappy characters with a real threat. Enid Blyton books, the threat had been scary but never quite as sinister as Snicket’s Count Olaf.

I loved everything about this series, especially the gruesome nature and characters that were completely bonkers but totally relatable. The awfulness of these books made me a little less afraid to read scary books, or books with nightmarish villains.

3 – Roald Dahl

I think he’s a staple in today’s childrens reading. His books are hilariously written, they have good morals and the characters are great. I loved books like The Twits and George’s Marvelous Medicine, and that’s not getting into the well known classics like The BFG and The Witches. I loved them all.

They were the perfect companion when I was having a rubbish day and didn’t feel up to much, they were short and sweet and perfect. I adore them, and I can’t wait to read them to my children (when I eventually have some)

4 – Jacqueline Wilson

These books make me chuckle just thinking about them. Wilson’s sense of humour related with me on so many levels, not only that but she managed to deal with a whole load of crappy subjects that other children’s writers shied away from. Jacqueline Wilson introduced me to the foster care system with the story of Tracy Beaker, what it would be like if your mum wasn’t the greatest in The Illustrated Mum. Not only that she pointed out what it was really like to be a child in the middle of a divorce.

These books informed me on so many things and in a lovely way, I was never made to feel ignorant or embarrassed about the subjects. They were a joy to read and so informative in my younger years.

5 – Harry Potter

I have left the obvious to last. This is probably on most book blogger’s list of books that inspired them. Harry will forever remain my best friend. The book that I pick up when I’m sad and in need of a cheering up. Reading Harry Potter is like coming home and curling up next to the fire, it’s comfort in a book and I love it.

Harry Potter is one of those series that will stay with me for the longest of times, if not til the day I die. It’s the book I will read to my children as soon as they are old enough to understand, its the books that I will always have room on my shelf for. Its the book that made me a reader of books. Harry, you are my one and only love.IMG_0159

There it is. My list of books that made me the reader of books I am today. Hope there are some surprises one here. Let me know down below what you read when you were a kid!

Let me know down below what you read when you were a kid! Or the books that made you want to read all the books?