360 to Paradise | Book Review

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I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

360 to Paradise | Book Review360 to Paradise by Casey Marx
Published by Self on 4th October 2016
Pages: 163
Source: the author
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360 TO PARADISE is a roller coaster of sex, drugs and throwing a middle finger at authority.

A drama about teenagers transitioning into adulthood. And it ain’t silky smooth. The growing pains are like launching off a 50-foot skateboard ramp and smacking headfirst into cement.

Welcome to smoking hot babes at East Beach, epic waves breaking at Rincon, massive illegal raves in the mountains, and legendary parties in I.V. – Isla Vista – also known as H.I.V. for all the rampant, drunken sex that goes down.

Cody Reese, 18, thinks he’s the crown prince of Paradise aka Santa Barbara, California.

His golden existence is about to blow up. But now he’s got to survive the next 24 hours:

• His dealer wants to kill him.

• He knocked up his best friend.

• And his Parole Officer’s dying to throw him back in the slammer.

Come hop on the back of Cody Reese’s skateboard. And take the ride of a lifetime.

What I think happened in 360 to Paradise:

  • A lot of drug taking and a teenager questioning who he is.
  • A helluva a lot of stuff happens – meeting the drug dealer for the first time.
  • We meet so many people, and so little context.
  • The whole book is a blur, so that’s that.

I have to say I was quite surprised by this book. To be honest I wasn’t really sure what I was expected but it was different from anything that I have ever read before. I enjoyed Cody’s voice more than anything, I thought he was realistic and relatable. I thought the money making schemes were pretty good, and you could feel the panic through the pages. It made me sit on edge. Plus it had a really realistic ending, something that many people will see as being true to life.

I will say that the plot does jump around an awful lot and there is a lot happening within the time period, and there’s a lot of information flung at you. At times it’s a little overwhelming and sometimes it can be a little pointless and tedious.

My favourite character in 360 to Paradise, well it has to be Sajda. She didn’t take crap from anyone not even Cody. Sajda was strong and determined, she didn’t stand by whilst Cody was being a grade-1 a-hole. She called him out on it. I loved that about her. One thing I wish for more than anything, was to find out what happened to her, and where her story went.

My least favourite character in 360 to Paradise… I’m not really sure I would have to go with Cody’s friend Dane. I struggled with him as a character and I wasn’t really sure what he was supposed to teach us. He was this righteous person, who had all his motives confused, and that in turn confused me.

Recommendation wise, if you don’t mind profanity and scenes of a mature nature, then go and jump in. It’s a little book but with a lot packed into it. Some of it just wasn’t for me, but who knows it could be a favourite with you!

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