Top 5 Distractions for my Reading

Posted September 23, 2016 by Jordann @thebookbloglife in book thoughts, reading slumps / 2 Comments

Reading can be a difficult past time especially when everything else can be way more excited. I struggle with prioritising my reading. No scrap that! I just love tele and everything else on this list. Reading is never a chore, and it never will be.

So I made a list of all the things that keep me from reading. I had to narrow it down to five, and I picked the most interesting.


By television I mean the mother of all television Netflix. I mean who was the God who came up with the glorious world of Netflix. I could spend a whole day just sat in front of the tele binging on all of the wonderful tv shows.

It is by far one of the biggest distractions to my reading. Sometimes it can be so much more fun than reading. Did I really just say that?? Does that make me a bad book blogger? It’s just so damn addictive.


This was an obvious choice. I work full time, to pay for my book habit. It does however bite a lot of time out of my reading space. This one isn’t so much a distraction but a must. I have rent to pay, and a dog to feed. I would much prefer to be reading if I’m totally honest.

Oh the joys of being a grownup and having responsibilities.

Social media

Anyone who runs a blog knows how much the social media upkeep can be. Not that I’m complaining. It gives me the perfect excuse to sit and use it all day. But that 140 character tweet quickly turns into a four hours binge on youtube and retweeting all the wonderfulness.

Do I regret all the time I spend on social media? Maybe a little but I just love videos of cute puppies. Who can blame me.


By family I mean my puppy Penny. She takes a lot of attention and love and to be honest I love to spoil her. She is a joy but a massive pain in the butt. It’s hard to read books when a dog is nudging you to play fetch.

I mean look at that face. Could you resist? I don’t think so. And why would you?

My Blog

Yup. This beauty is one of the biggest distractions I have. Writing blog posts, and keeping up with social media takes a hella long time. So even though I read books like it’s going out of fashion, sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day.

Would I change it? Not for all the money in the world. Well maybe. That’s a lot of money. I adore my blog and love every second of doing. Apart from when something goes wrong. It does take a lot of time away from reading.

Let me know what your biggest distractions to your reading patterns are!

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