Books I Need to Read Before I’m 30

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Like any self-confessed book blogger my TBR is coming out of my ears. There are too many books sat on my shelf not being read, but still there are books I need to read before I reach my next age milestone.

I thought I would share them with you! In the spirit of keeping nothing back.

A Song of Ice and Fire

This is a little dependent on whether George R.R Martin gets his finger out and finishes the series in time, but I want to have finished the ENTIRE series before my dreaded thirties begin. I don’t know why this series made the books I need to read before I’m 30 list but it did. I love the series and the characters, but I would hate for it to become completely drawn out.

1984 and Animal Farm

I’m sure I’ve read Animal Farm before for school, but I can’t remember it, and I know I wouldn’t have appreciated it fully. Hence why it’s on the books I need to read list. 1984 has had a huge amount said about it. I don’t think my twenties would be complete without at least one read through of it.

The Bone Season series

This is another one that’s totally dependent on the author and when she decides to finish the series. I have to say I’m more than excited for the next book, but I don’t know whether I would be so excited after the big thirty hits. Who knows, I might stay the same person. More than likely I will have grown up a bit and my taste will have changed.

The Mistborn books, all of them

You know the wonderful Brandon Sanderson and his Mistborn novels, with all the spin offs and the character stories, well I want to read all of them, well all of them that have been published. I adore the world and the characters, so I think this will be a huge success, these are books I need to read, most definitely.

All the books currently on my TBR

I want to make space for new books. So by the time I’m thirty I want to have gotten through a huge number of my TBR. Either got rid of the books, or treasured them. There are books I need to read from two/three years ago. So the time has come to make a commitment. Either read it or chuck it.

That’s it guys. Let me know which books you want to read before a certain date! Talk soon.

2 responses to “Books I Need to Read Before I’m 30

  1. All the books on your TBR?! My life! You’ve set a mighty goal for yourself there xD I agree with you about the Game of Thrones ones… i really hope he finishes the series before I’m 30.. I would love to do another binge read of them in 9 years time and see how different I find them!


    • thebookbloglife

      Maybe it’ll just be the books on my TBR now hah. I don’t think I’ll ever finish it all with the rate of books I buy to be honest. Feast of Crows is my book for this month, so I’m getting through them steadily. They’re so long and so dense they take a long time to devour.

      Thanks for the comment!