How to get through a reading slump

Posted August 27, 2016 by Jordann @thebookbloglife in how to, reading slumps / 0 Comments

Reading slumps are the worst and they can really make reading seem like the worst hobby in the world. I’ve struggled with reading slumps caused by books that were awful, from the pressures I put on myself to finish even the worst of books, and from books that were too good to get over. More often called a book hangover.

I thought it would be a nice blog post to write how I get over my reading slumps and book hangovers.

A reading slump caused by awful books

This is the worst because I hate being disappointed in a book and its the worst feeling when books don’t live up to expectations. It’s almost a betrayal. You’ve spent your money and your time reading this book only to find that it’s awful and you wish you hadn’t.

You have to work yourself up to get out of an awful book slump, here’s my list of things to do;

  1. Wallow in it. Allow yourself to hate the book. That’s okay. You’re perfectly fine to hate the book, so put it down and wallow. Don’t put pressure on yourself to get over the disappointment.
  2. Find a book that you know you’ll enjoy. Rereads are always a safe bet. Dive right in and wash that horrid book out of your hair. Make sure you don’t choose a book that’s too good, because then you might find yourself with a book hangover.
  3. Rant about it. Write a scathing review. It’ll help with your feelings. Having them down on paper means they aren’t wandering through your head. It gives you the closure to move on.

A reading slump caused by my own pressures

I put a lot of pressure on myself when it comes to reading. I’ve tried to lower my expectations so the disappointment isn’t so bad. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. I want to read so many books and then when I don’t manage I put the downers on myself and reading just isn’t fun anymore.

To combat this, I’ve tried a number of different things;

  1. Lower the number of books on your TBR. You’ll end up happier and you won’t have so many reading slumps. Plus you can always overshoot your TBR list, that makes you feel brilliant.
  2. Cull your TBR shelves. Get rid of any books that don’t interest you anymore or have been sat on your shelf for a decent amount of time without any interest. This lowers the pressure to read. If you don’t have a huge amount of books to read then the pressure is up.
  3. Accept the inevitable. There will be weeks, months and years where life is going to get in the way of your reading. Things happen for a reason and there are going to be times when you can’t read quite as much.

Reading slumps/book hangover caused by a good book

There is always the moment that comes after finishing a good book where you just can’t get over the stories or the characters. You sit there cradling the book to your chest and you just can’t get over it. It’s one of the best and worst feelings. It’s the worst of the reading slumps.

But how do you get over it?

  1. Enjoy it. It’s a rare moment to find a book that leaves you with that hole. Take a couple of days to relive your favourite moments.
  2. Reread. Not necessarily the same book, but if it’s part of a series then jump right back into the world and start again.
  3. Find a book that has similar themes or setting and dive into that world. Who knows it might become one of your favourites.

So there you have it. A beginners guide to getting over a reading slump. Let me know what methods work for you in the comments below.