How to read more books

Posted June 24, 2016 by Jordann @thebookbloglife in book thoughts, how to / 0 Comments

I can quite easily read two books a week, and if I’m really dedicated I can push that number up to three or maybe even four. That’s without sacrificing a social life or time with my fiance. I have to work hard at creating an environment where reading is my priority and something I enjoy. I thought I would write a blog post about how to read more.


I am a huge TV addict, I enjoy a decent TV binge but in terms of reading it doesn’t help. I could quite happily sit and watch TV for a whole day and then realise that I haven’t read for the entire of the day. So to combat this problem I set a reward system, childish I know. It works. Every time I read said amount of pages I get to watch a certain amount of TV, whether it be an episode or movie. It depends on how much reading I want to get done on which I let myself have. A movie is saved for days when I have read a lot and TV shows are for days where I’m slow off the mark. It seems to be an odd system for a 23 year old, but it works. It strikes a balance that I find manageable and also fun way to read more.


I find that I have to read in certain places. I love to read in the bath, it lets me completely relax and delve completely into the world. Its my own little world that I only use for reading. I settle into a bath knowing that I’m going to read, and that’s what this space is for. I find it hard to concentrate sitting on a sofa, so the only other alternative is my bed. I read a lot before I go to sleep because it calms me down and I get a more restful sleep then when I watch TV right before bed.


This is a big one for how to read more. I make sure I put time aside to read, everyday. Even if it’s listening to an audiobook on the bus or reading a book on my lunch break. I usually plan my days out to make sure that there is always time for me to read. I schedule my days in advance and plan for moments where I can read. I have to, with a full time job, a wedding to plan and a six month old puppy my time is not my own. I have to make sure my reading is a priority otherwise nothing gets read and my TBR just continues to grow.

My biggest tip for how to read more: get CREATIVE. Read where and when you can. I found great solace in audiobooks so maybe that’s an option, but read where and whenever you can.

What are your tips for reading more? Have you got any good ones hidden away? Let me know in the comments!