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I have quite a few favourite books, all for different reasons. I love some books because the transport me to to when I read. Some I love for pure design element, the colours and the cover and I’m a sucker for a great cover.

The spotlight for this week is the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone. My fiancé bought me this for Valentine’s Day and I adored adding the edition to my shelves. The illustrations are superb and it’s perfect for someone who wants to pass the magic onto their children.

Harry Potter in general falls under my favourite book category and they probably always will purely for the nostalgia. The books themselves mean an awful lot to me being the first series that I followed all the way through. I read Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books, Mallory Towers and others but these were books had already been published. Harry Potter was a journey and one that I’ll never forget.


The illustrated edition seems like the perfect progression. Harry Potter fans are now a generation that are having their own children and passing it on. The illustrations are definitely a draw for the younger audience, making it easier to be a part of the story. The pictures add a life to the story.

The characters are how I originally imagined them without the films to ruin the fun, and that’s why I love them so.

I have so much love for this series. In fact, Chamber of Secrets is coming out, safe to say I have pre-ordered and am waiting impatiently for it. I do have concerns for the later books and the fact that they are getting longer, which poses a problem for the illustrated. I really don’t want them to cut the stories short but I definitely want them to do all of them.

That’s this week’s spotlight.

Are there any books that it is love at first sight? And books that you can’t help but cherish and love? Let me know in the comments.

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