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Posted May 20, 2016 by Jordann @thebookbloglife in book thoughts / 0 Comments

There are some books such as Twilight that have had so much hype that I’ve automatically picked it up thinking that I would love them but in the end they turn out to be lousy with some huge problem with.

One of these books would definitely have to be Twilight, and the whole saga for that matter really. My biggest problem with this book would have to be the place of women within it, especially Bella. The whole relationship is toxic and based off control. Edward’s manner towards Bella is possessive and for me the breaking point is the fact that Bella accepts this as the normal, that this is all she deserves.

The fact that Edward and Bella’s relationship is perceived as being perfect, and that all women should aspire to have something in their lives like this. I can’t stand that. When you market a book to young teenagers then you shouldn’t be presenting a toxic relationship like this as being perfect.

The backward way that Bella accepts all of this is astounding. I think my biggest problem with this book is even after all of the discussions about how problematic this book is and Meyer is even aware of these, the book is still being sold, knowing the damage that it could do.

I wonder when our fascination with abusive relationships will end and when they will stop appearing in literature which has one of the most influential ages as their audience. It’s becoming a massive problem and one that I find to be increasing. The bad boy is quickly turning from being a harmless trope into something quite dangerous, and I would hate for an abusive boyfriend to become the norm, or even worse something that we begin to aspire towards. We should be talking about the right way to treat women and men, not abusing them until they give in to whatever you want.

Just my opinion on this, and obviously there’s going to be some controversy on the subject, but I definitely think it’s something that we should be talking about. Not just the books that are outright with the abuse but the ones that are more subtle.

Do you have the same thoughts on Twilight and the way relationships are presented? Let me know in the comments!