Meet Our Puppy Penny!

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I have a huge announcement, we got a puppy.

She’s 19 weeks, and her name is Penny. We’ve only had her for 11 days so we’re still figuring things out in terms of potty training and the basics but she is learning fast. We think she’s a Husky crossed with a Alsatian. We could be wrong, we have no history unfortunately, and that’s where the sad part of this story kicks in.

Penny was abandoned in Spain, on the side of a busy motorway at approximately six weeks old. Basically she was left to die of starvation or to be hit by car, it breaks my heart to think that anyone could do that to any dog, let alone one that looks as cute as Penny.

Fortunately for us, a kind soul picked her up and brought her into her home with the other rescue dogs she takes care off. After a vet check, she was put up for adoption, and this is where we came in. Through Facebook we noticed her pictures and immediately began to question whether she was the right dog for us and whether we were ready for the commitment. We decided we were, and started the ball rolling, we had a homecheck with someone who lived on the Island and we obviously passed.

Then the waiting began, rabies injections take a while and so many days had to pass before she would be allowed to travel, it felt like a lifetime! More like three weeks after everything was finalised. We booked to go over on the boat to collect her and we watched her journey through a private travel update page – were the guys who brought her over. Highly recommend them, they were genuinely caring, and Penny seemed to be totally relaxed and happy in his presence.

After spending 3 days travelling in a van, she only had a two hour boat left and our puppy would be home. To be fair she was really well-behaved, we have some nervous behaviour around other dogs to sort out but other than that, she was happy to lie down and sleep whilst we were feeling really sick!

So we’ve been home for nearly two weeks, and things are going great, potty training is getting there with a few accidents, but nothing major. We are working on the nervous behaviour and teaching some basics in obedience. She walks on a lead at the moment, but a training line more than anything. After being warned constantly that the Husky in her would make a recall basically impossible, we’ve found the opposite, she comes back 99% of the time.

So that’s our new family member.

I might do some updates and maybe a few posts about what training we’re doing and the various bits about owning a rescue puppy. I hope you’ll be interested in coming on this journey with me and Declan!

Have you rescued a puppy? What were the biggest problems you faced with having a puppy from a difficult background? Let me know in the comments.

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