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So I know I have planned out my reading this month, and I’m really excited to dive into those, but looking at my TBR shelf there are books that are just begging me to read them. Hence the books I need to read list. I think next month I’m going to cut down on my library reads and jump straight into some of these.

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

I have heard a helluva lot about this series all around the book blogging community and on booktube in particular and it’s all been amazing things. As a result I’ve had this book sitting on my shelf for a really long time so I’m adding it to my books I need to read list. It’s supposed to be one of the best high fantasy series people have read, and that makes it so much more exciting for me. I am currently making my through A Song of Ice and Fire and I really wanted expand my reading experience with high fantasy and this seems to be a great place to start.


For a thousand years, the Skaa slaved in misery and lived in fear. For a thousand years, the Lord Ruler reigned with absolute power and ultimate terror, divinely invincible. Every attempted revolt has failed miserably.

A new kind of uprising is being planned, one that depends on the cunning of a brilliant criminal mastermind and the courage of an unlikely heroine, a Skaa street urchin, who must learn to master Allomancy, the power of a mistborn.

I mean how cool does that blurb sound? Criminal saving the day, a Lord Ruler and an uprising. It has everything that I could possible want in a book! This is definitely high up on the list of books that I want to get to as soon as possible. Maybe next month!

The Queen Of The Tearling by Erika Johnansen

Ever since Emma Watson showed interest in being in the movie adaptation I’ve wanted to read it. Not only that but it seems to be another amazing high fantasy series and one that I’m determined to jump into, looking at my books I need to read list that is something that could be said for most of the books. I’m really into books now that have a female lead. The transformation story is always intriguing to me, and watching someone develop into who they are supposed to be can sometimes change a four star into a five star if it’s done right.

It was on her nineteenth birthday that the soldiers came for Kelsea Glynn.

They came to escort her back to the place of her birth – and to ensure she survives long enough to take possession of what is rightfully hers.

But like many nineteen-year-olds, Kelsea is unruly, has high principles and believes she knows better that her elders.

Unlike most nineteen-year-olds, she is about to inherit a kingdom that is on its knees – corrupt, debauched and very dangerous.

Kelsea will either become the most fearsome ruler the kingdom has ever known… or be dead within the week.

Tell me that doesn’t sound like an amazing premise for a story. I cannot wait to see the makeover that Kelsea goes through and to see what obstacles are thrown in her path. What I really love about this blurb is the fact that nowhere does it mention a love interest or a choice between two boys. Whether that comes into is an unknown as of now but it’s looking promising.

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Another high fantasy series, tell me about it… my books I need to read list has been overtaken. Once again a highly regarded fantasy series which has been spoken about and loved throughout the community, what drew me towards this book however was the world. The praise that people have given the world building, I love being drawn completely and utterly into a book.

I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings. I burned down the town of Trebon. I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and my life. I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most people are allowed in. I tread paths by moonlight that others fear to speak of during the day. I have talked to Gods, loved women and written songs that make the minstrels weep.

My name is Kvothe. You may have heard of me.

How badass does that sound? I’m so excited to find out more about this cocky little Kvothe and see whether he is all he cracks himself up to be. Plus the blurb doesn’t give a lot away really, so I’m going in completely blind, which is going to make this whole book adventure all the more exciting.

A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

This is slightly cheating because it’s a sequel to a book that I completely loved (so no blurb for this one in case I give some major spoilers away. I think that the characters and the worlds within these books are amazing and well formed. I can’t wait to jump into the world with multiple Londons with various stages of magic. It’s great. Seriously pick up A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab because it’s brilliant.

Golden Son by Pierce Brown

This is another sequel to another great series, and one that I completely enjoyed and was totally immersed within the events and the way that the story progresses and gets to the end. The premise and similarities to Roman culture in this book is what makes this entire series unique, and I cannot wait to read this one, I even think that the third one is out currently which makes me evene more excited.

Darrow is a rebel forged by tragedy. For years he and his fellow Reds worked the mines, toiling to make the surface of Mars inhabitable. They were, they believed, mankind’s last hope.

I can’t write the whole of the blurb because SPOILERS. But believe me when I say that these books and series are well worth the read and you should pick them up immediately. They will be a permanent addition to my books I need to read list.

So that’s all for this super long post about the five books that are on my TBR shelf demanding to be read. Who knows I might get to them within the next month. I hope so. Too much excitement surrounds these books.

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