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My local library was refurbished. I walk past it every day on the way to work. Every time I think I should go in there and have a look and each day I put it off but this afternoon. I had some spare time and we went in. I adore the atmosphere in our library, I love watching people choosing their next read and looking through the shelves and all the books that they could possibly want.

I went in and came out with two books. Which are included in my What I want to read: March which can be found here. I chose books that I wanted to read but didn’t want to spend the money on. It was hard to choose books that I thought I wouldn’t want to keep. Because I suppose that’s the hardest part of libraries for me, loving a book and then having to give it back.

I’m a freak like that.

The other problem with me going to my library is the fact that my TBR list and bookshelf is ridiculously long without adding more books even if they are temporary. But sometimes you just can’t resist the lovely shelves full of free books and I am unfortunately one of those people.

I picked up The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. Also Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card. I am so excited to read these but not enough to part money for them. It was the perfect arrangement.

What drove this blog post is definitely the slow death of libraries across the world. Because people just aren’t using them. Why should governments subsidise something that nobody is using when they and rightly so are being called out for overspending? I personally think that every penny that is spent encourage children and adults alike to read is well spent. But they aren’t being used. It makes me worry that one day when I have my own children there won’t be any libraries for them to enjoy.

So if you have a local library like my library, please go and support them, they are truly wonderful places.

Do you prefer to buy books or borrow them from the library? Let me know some of the treasures you’ve found at your local library.

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