My reading challenge

Posted February 17, 2016 by Jordann @thebookbloglife in challenges / 3 Comments

I thought it would be a good time to talk about why I don’t have a huge amount of books on my monthly reading list and my reading challenge.

Last year I set myself the challenge of reading 125 books in a year which looking back was a complete stretch and I had spent the entire year worrying about whether or not the book I was reading was too long or taking too much time. It became a stressful experience instead of being a good thing, I vowed I wouldn’t let that happen again.

This year I set my goal to 100 which I thought was completely doable. But I found myself wanting to put books off because they were too long. It was beginning again. I made the choice to lower my reading challenge to 70 and to make sure I read whichever books I wanted to read whenever.

My tbrs for each month are low because although I enjoy knowing what I planned to read. I like having the freedom that if I have a good reading month to choose something else at the end. But also the satisfaction that if it’s a bad reading month that I hadn’t done too badly.

I have finished my reading for this month.

What have you planned to read this year?

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